Are you struggling to keep your talent, casting or modeling agency running smoothly during this crisis?

Download the ebook for some great tips on how to successfully manage a remote working team. You can also learn about some of the tools that you can use to ensure team productivity in the eBook.

Prepare Your Business for the Digital Era

Talent Management

No more struggling to find talent details. Store and manage everything about your models - personal, professional, documents, high-resolution images, and video files, with our talent database.

Portfolio Management

Got a client requirement? You'll get it done in minutes! With Staragent’s powerful search engine, mix and match models' attributes, shortlist those who are the best fit, and create a stunning package for your clients with a few clicks.

Alerts & Calendar

Tired of using multiple calendars and reminder apps? Let Staragent’s integrated calendar with automated notifications take care of all important dates. Staragent will notify the talents when new bookings are made and remind them before the shoot date.

Billing & Invoice

Create and send beautiful invoices within minutes to clients. Track payments and Monitor the financial health of your company with our realtime dashboard helping you making timely business decisions.

Real-time dashboard

Get instant access to project statistics, invoice details, pending tasks, upcoming events and recently added staff, projects, and clients – all you need for your day-to-day work in one single screen.

Chats & Mobile App

Gone are the days of post-its and emails! Now easily exchange messages through dedicated chat channels for each project, team or task. And with Staragent mobile app, always stay connected with talents anywhere you go.

All the tools you need to transform your business. In one place.

Take the first step towards a better agency.

The All-in-One Business Management tool for Solo Entrepreneurs & SMEs

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